JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank focuses on technology such as blockchain

time:2019-02-12 18:37:12

Huang Guobin, managing director of JP Morgan Chase and China's director of global investment bank, said in an interview with Wall Street that the logic of JP Morgan's investment bank reform is: first, the entire platform is scientific and digital; second, all investment bankers must master the block. Technology such as chain; third, industry group settings should be based on business logic and customer needs. Therefore, the industry group is divided into seven categories, highlighting the characteristics of science and technology, namely financial services and technology, medical health and technology, enterprise and technology services, smart travel, new consumption and smart manufacturing, digital channels, modern infrastructure and new energy. For example, the Financial Services and Technology Group covers banking, asset management, insurance, and blockchain; the digital approach group covers travel and leisure, e-commerce, retailers, and education.