33.6 billion business - Dapp you don't know this year (below)

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Vincent: If the first half of 2018 is the dark medieval of the group dance, then from July, Dapp began to usher in the harbinger of the Renaissance. In the second half of the year, more and more game industry veterans and head enterprises began to lay out the game; the geeks holding the thermos in the top 500, "reinvigorating the glory" in the new gadget of encrypted art; although the overall BC The world of games, but the technicality is getting stronger and stronger. The content of the nature of the work is more and more, this is a good color. At the same time, we talked about some ideas about wallets and decentralized exchanges. There is reason to believe that in the next 2019, there will be more meaningful and interesting products in the blockchain, and competition will become even more intense. (4 million long text warning)
This article is the next part of the annual series. After reading the last article, read this article is better.
"33.6 billion business - Dapp you don't know this year (on)"
If the first half of the Ethereum is a one-man show
Then in the second half of the year, the prologue of the blossoms was played.
July: the eve of the outbreak

From July 6th to 8th, the first blockchain game in China was hackathon (hackathon, hackathon)
CiGA Game Jam is the largest offline game hackathon in the domestic game circle. Its rule is that there is no rule, only you need to turn the idea into a game within 48 hours, just to let the hackers complete their self-improvement and breakthrough in the limit state.
WeChat Image_20180710174258
(There are a large number of developers who are still contributing to the Dapp circle in this picture)
Vincent, the CEO of DappReview, participated in the first Game Jam in 2011. It was only a small event with only a dozen people participating in the Coconut Island office. But seven years later, Game Jam has been held in more than 1,000 people in six cities. As a sponsor, DR supports the activities of Shanghai Station and Beijing Station, and specifically increases the blockchain game special.
WeChat Screenshot_20190125145146
This competition has really spawned several prototypes of future chain tours, such as Wu Xiao’s “Last Trip” and the Master’s “CardMaker”. The former is a stylized puzzle game, and later developed three versions of ETH, TRON, and NAS. The latter is a card game where players can create content. After the Game Jam, it polished the products for 2 months and won the NEO blockchain game competition. Since then, it has been developed for several months. In mid-December, a total of 300,000 RMB pre-sales will be completed. The game will be officially launched on January 28, 2019.
July 11 Blockchain version of Hearthstone "GodsUnchained"
In the previous article, "EtherBots" and their development team, Fuel Games, were mentioned in January. After the team won a $2.4 million financing, the development of "GodsUnchained" was launched.
This is a card-based hearthstone game chain tour. With its good front-end performance and exquisite deck, it has attracted the attention of a large number of players in the circle. On the line, it sold a card package worth 400 ETH in 5 days. By the 16th day, sales exceeded 3000 ETH. You know, this 3000ETH is the money that the player smashes for the game itself. "GodsUnchained" does not adopt the fundraising mode of the coin project.
July 20th Fomo3D sweeping the entire circle
In the first part of this article, the April section, we talked about "POWH" and the cloning war of the time. These games are essentially Ponzi funds, because the game itself has no creative value and no external capital input. Class games can only be pure zero-sum games - amaranths are cut, and cut and cut characters must choose one.
The innovation of Fomo 3D is to introduce a model that stimulates growth. With the temptation of the ultimate Key buyer to monopolize the prize pool, players will actively inject ETH into the prize pool. Every day must be renewed for 24 hours, so that the in-game funds have at least 2,880 Keys per day.
WeChat Screenshot_20190125150357
The ninth round of Fomo3D has long lost the ability to absorb gold in the past.
It should be acknowledged that the prize pool mechanism of Fomo 3D is indeed very elaborate. The spontaneous competition of players makes people believe in its sustainability, and people think that it will not end. This feature of course also caused a certain degree of hype (exaggerated publicity). In fact, Fomo 3D has guaranteed a steady increase in the square root level while sacrificing a portion of the dividends. This growth ability is actually not enough to support the development of the game later, because players with high scores often need to increase the size of the game funds to the current multiple times to break even. This makes the time required to return to the book significantly increase, and the player loses the motivation to continue to invest in the later stages.
When Fomo 3D is the hottest, DappReview counts the player's profit and loss data (data snapshot: as of 5 pm on July 23)
WeChat Screenshot_20180724093743 The total number of players in the game is 16,527. among them:
3,430 accounts floating
12,988 accounts floating losses
"Fomo3D" development team Team JUST has remained anonymous and buried a large number of eggs in the game, including front-end code, command line, steam wave culture, classic spoof, Jekyll Island meeting, congressional bill, encrypted route Figure and various ridicules. I remember that during that time, Vincent decrypted and found clues day and night, and finally wrote the Fomo3D decryption trilogy.
1. "The Fomo3D you played with may not be the same as me?" [History, data, egg analysis]
2. "Fomo3D egg second bomb - the Federal Reserve on the Ethereum?" 》
3. "Fomo3D egg third bomb - we cracked the Roadmap puzzle, it turned out to be..."
Readers who have not seen it, recommend collecting and reading.
July 24th A copy of Fomo3D on EOS - The Werewolf Kill. Timg
This is probably the first painful lesson to cast a shadow over the EOS Dapp players. Under the recommendation of the EOS V in the Weibo section, a large number of players entered the game with the mood of "Fomo who missed ETH, and must not miss EOS". Two days after the "Wolfman Kill" was launched, more than 90,000 EOS entered the contract. On July 26, some players broke the spillover vulnerability. The team released the announcement and went online again after the upgrade. However, the vulnerability was not completely fixed, and more than 60,000 EOSs were stolen. The game is therefore closed, and most of the (tou) capital (ji) people have no return. Regarding this incident in Luoshengmen, some people said that it was the self-stealing of the self-directed self-steal of the banker, and some people also smashed out a series of possible interest groups behind them.
Most of the Fomo-like imitation dishes are already cool.
After the fire of Fomo3D in Ethereum, there were several copies within a week, Fomo2D, Fomo4D, FomoFast, FomoLightning... everything. Even in January 2019, there was a new Fomo replica Fomo2Moon.
In fact, this is no different from the flooding of the drums and the game of the zoo in the first half of the year. After a new gameplay appeared, a large number of replicas landed at the fastest speed, the simplest and most rude way, trying to share a piece of cake.
But often within 2 weeks, most of the replicas are cool.

The annual ChinaJoy is here again, this time a new summit on the theme of blockchain games - "China Blockchain Technology and Game Developers Conference". DappReview assisted ChinaJoy to invite well-known foreign chain developers, including Decentraland CEO Ariel, CryptoKitties co-founder Benny, Pixowl COO Sebastien, Loom CEO James and CTO Luke, as well as early Chinese pathfinders Tang Sangtian, Zhang Wei and Chen. Hao, Song Yang, etc., in addition to the domestic three major engine manufacturers Cocos, Egret, Laya also attended the seats, can be said to be the highest domestic blockchain game conference in 2018.
As early as May when planning this meeting, Touch Technology CEO Chen Yuzhi proposed to make a blockchain game white paper. In the next two months, DappReview co-authored Cocos, ChinaJoy and INB coin capital to write "2018". Blockchain Game Industry White Paper, which reviews the industry's development data for the first half of 2018 and the discussion and outlook for blockchain+ games.
There is a small episode in the middle. Due to the long production cycle, 1000 white papers of the color printing version were printed in Beijing in the end of July. Each of them is nearly 40 pages of coated paper. Don't underestimate the weight of this 1000 volumes. Any logistics is difficult to reach Shanghai in a few days and the price is expensive. Finally, the touch partner came up with a van, which was filled with white papers and opened from Beijing to Shanghai for one night. The 1000 booklets were in two days. The meeting was quickly taken over, and two weeks after the event ended, many people still believed that Vincent wanted a paper version.
A photo of a big gathering (Cocos reception)
At the meeting, Vincent made a lot of communication with Dapp developers from overseas, and found that developers at home and abroad had big differences in their ideas. On the one hand, Vincent believes that overseas developers actually think very shallowly at the level of the blockchain combined with the game. More is simply to emphasize that the game assets are owned by the players, and there is no trick in the exploration of the pass.
But on the other hand, they start from the game itself, not so quick and quick, and hope to make some products with innovative gameplay and gameplay.
In fact, we did see that from the end of last year to July this year, most of the domestic Dapp game strategies are hot spots. After the "Encryption Cat", a variety of encrypted animals emerged in the country, and it became a zoo. The "Encryption Country" in the Spring Festival, the Hanging Series and Farm Series in April-May, and the "Fomo3D" in July, the Chinese people "localized" these games again and again.
But all this changed after August, but the domestic products became the main force, and iteratively.
Forgotten ETH.Town
The pre-sale and highly anticipated "ETH.Town" was officially released in mid-August, and it was finally released into the game. It carefully read and understood the gameplay of the whole game. At first glance, it seems to be a fusion. The whole family barrel of "Encryption Cat Fertility + Hot Potato Drum Blossom + Revenue Dividend + Quiz Game" is really rich and colorful. However, after a few days of observation, we think that the game's numerical system and economic system have serious problems.
1. Completely ribbed hero synthesis and growth values, so that no players will go to their own synthetic heroes, but will choose to buy in the secondary market.
2. The design of the ETIT failure in the game will make the amount of additional is far greater than the amount of destruction, resulting in unlimited inflation.
3. The entry threshold for the game is too high and new players cannot enter the game.
The above obvious problems caused the official version of ETH.Town to complete the life cycle in less than 10 days. (For a detailed analysis of the game's economic system, see "Deep Analysis of a Game Destroyed by Numerical Design - Ether Town" is a very good negative textbook)
At 3 pm on August 22, Fomo3D ended in the first round.
The technical home at address 0xa169DF5ED3363cfC4c92ac96C6C5f2A42fCCBF85 produced a large amount of spam through a smashing operation, causing the Ethereum to be congested for a few minutes. The countdown ended and the 10469.66 ETH was seized. (At the time, worth 20 million yuan)
WeChat Screenshot_20190125154232
"EOSBet" was launched in mid-August. This is the first BC class Dapp on EOS. It is also the first Dapp that promises dividends. EOS has a good trading experience and high tps to play its advantage. It quickly became Dapp, and it was not online. In a few days, it broke through the daily trading volume of 1 million EOS, and its transaction amount completely ruled the first place in the Dapp ranking for nearly 2 months.
At the beginning of September, we saw that the ERC1155 agreement for Enjin's development for half a year has finally landed. The goal of creating a multi-game universe seems to be one step further. Most people only know about ERC-721, but they don't know its limitations. In mainstream games, if we abstract the basic functions of game props, then upgrade, synthesis, dissolve, trade, etc. are common requirements, but ERC-721 can only be used for trading, but can not be used to set the gem into the weapon. Complex operations such as inside.
1_jSJHREc8CLIBFhGA95Afww - copy
The ERC-1155 is a standard for game props development. It uses the above functions as a native function and can be used more easily across the game world. In order to explore the game's multiple universes, Enjin has released multiple multi-cosm props and characters across games and distributed them to six game development teams, which will integrate these items into their games.
Refer to "Parallel Universe of Blockchain Game and Enjin Wallet for this".
Evolution Planet - EvolutionLand
There are not many teams that make serious products in China, and there are fewer good operations. "Evolution Planet" may be the most deliberate thing we have seen in China. Since June, the operation of the project Tony has begun to add various groups in the Dapp circle. Slowly, I found out that he has him in any group. Tony has been promoting his products through the "smooth and silent" way + red envelopes. After a full three months of operation, the game will start in September. Pre-sales attracted a lot of loyal users. The creation treasure box sold a total of 325 ETH. Later, the king of the game was sold at the auction price of 10.5ETH.
WeChat Screenshot_20190125152424 Evolution Planet is a virtual business game that supports cross-chain. In the 26 continents of the game, the user's autonomy sets the governance parameters, the user can buy and sell the land, build the building, make props, etc. through the apostles. Follow-up