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BCH-Bit Cash Introduction Details
On July 21, 2017, Bitcoin Bifurcation Solution BIP91 has received full network computing support, unanimously agreed to first isolate the witness upgrade, and upgrade the block size of the underlying blockchain to 2M in the next 6 months. However, the "spoiler" appeared - the mining giant BitBTC's mining pool ViaBTC prepared a hard fork system to launch "bitcoin cash" based on the original bitcoin chain.
At 20:20 on August 1, 2017, Bitcoin cash began to mine. This is a new branch of Bitcoin or another kind of "cotton currency". The industry has different adjustments, but BCC’s advance offer has already reached 2,000 yuan. That is, it has exceeded one tenth of the price of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin cash modified the Bitcoin code to support large blocks (upgrading the block size to 8M), excluding the SegWit function, and is the blockchain asset generated by the BitcoinABC solution.

BCH-bit cash event
December 21
Build a BTC wallet on BCC!
Yesterday was 2017.11.20, Bitcoin.com updated their Bitcoin wallet in Apple's app store. Bitcoin.com's 4.0.2 update creates a Bitcoin cash wallet by default and allows users to manage Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash wallets with a private key. Unfortunately, Bitcoin.com owner Roger Ver is doing some temptation and conversion, and the user is actually downloading the Bitcoin cash wallet. One user thinks they are downloading a real bitcoin wallet, they can easily send and receive bitcoin, but in reality they will eventually install a bitcoin wallet running on the bitcoin cash network, making it difficult for the user to receive Bitcoin.
November 9
Segwit2X failed bitcoin price high, the reason behind it is different from BCC
The bitcoin Segwit2X, which was originally expected to occur on November 16 this year, failed. The bitcoin price once hit the price of $7,900. The Bitcoin Segwit2X hard fork is an agreement signed by Bitcoin economic participants such as Coinbase, Xapo and Bitpay and 80% of miners at the Consensus2017 conference. Segwit2x is dedicated to the expansion of Bitcoin, expanding from about 1MB in the current block size to around 2MB. Mike Belshe, one of Bitco's wallet software provider and one of the heads of the Segwit2x project on Wednesday, said in an email that the plan has been suspended because of concerns that “may lead to community Splitting has brought frustration to the growth of Bitcoin." Bitcoin prices rose rapidly as soon as the bitcoin Segwit2X failed to break the news.
November 2
Bitcoin cash (BCC) outlook improves, new code is coming soon
Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin cash against the US dollar reached its highest point in four days. In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin cash rose by 9%. Recently, with the sharp rise of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies have also been driven, and Bitcoin cash announced new codes yesterday. Bitcoin ABC is the most widely used version of Bitcoin cash software. Today it is released with an upgrade of 0.16.0. The update will take effect on November 13 after hard forks. The upgrade was mainly to ease the economic benefits of mining. The new code announced yesterday made the market sentiment more optimistic. However, despite the positive response from the code upgrade, there is no clear link between this price increase. Similarly, earlier this week, investors were evaluating whether the new upgrade would fork the new currency, so the upgrade surprise lost its original magic. This fear is still there, and although investors believe that it is just upgrading software, it is almost impossible to fork again. At the same time, according to CoinMarketCap news, the digital exchange rate of the Korea Exchange may also rise. Bitumumb, Korea's largest digital currency exchange, has now seen a gain of 47.83% in bitcoin cash.
September 28
BCC got more support in the Segwit2x event
BCC transformed its website and added more infrastructure to support BCC's extensive infrastructure support in nearly two months. This week, Bitpay enabled BCH to use its Copay wallet, giving BCH supporters another reliable open source client. In addition, the popular exchange Bitstamp offers withdrawals to BCH, and BCH will be online on the platform within three days. At the same time, Xapo announced that BCH is ready for withdrawal and customers must send funds to a valid external BCH account by December 14. In addition to some businesses that support BCH or allow withdrawals, the project also has an updated website, Bitcoincash.org, which has new features such as the latest exchange rates for BCH and US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and Renminbi. The site also lists a large number of complete node customers, wallets, services, and BCH transaction lists for exchanges. In terms of scalability, the development team said that research is underway to allow for large-scale growth in the future. Accepting the BCC program Another website called "The Accept Bitcoin Cash Initiative" was also created for the new BCH network. This site is a community site/business listing that accepts BCC and users can submit new sites/businesses to Github's repo. Currently, the site has a list of merchants and service providers, including food, entertainment, cloud services, social media, gambling, VPN services and more. “This site serves as a means of connecting consumers and businesses while spreading BCC and promoting global adoption.” “We hope that over time, more and more websites will accept BCC as a fast and secure Payment methods, on a very powerful decentralized network, are inexpensive and have no third-party involvement.” The BCH market value is relatively stable, as the mining profits of the two companies are less volatile. The BCC price is currently around $450. It has fallen to fourth place in the digital currency market because the price of XRP has soared by 10%. BCH's market trading volume is less than a few weeks ago, and it averaged about $150 million in this week's 24-hour trading volume. At the time of the press release, BCH's operational difficulty was 9.69%, while BTC's profit was 3% higher than it. However, since August 27, the profit levels of miners of the two chain companies have remained basically the same. The BCC is a lifeboat in the Bitcoin sea. The BCH community seems to be satisfied with all the infrastructure in the new network environment. At present, core supporters are busy paying attention to the hard fork of the upcoming November (Segwit2x), which seems to pay little attention to BCC. Many speculators believe that BCC may be a lifeboat
September 21
How will BCC develop in the future? BCC developers say they are not worried about hard forks
Bitcoin cash is a new blockchain asset generated by a hard fork on Bitcoin on August 1. Bitcoin cash In order to better realize the "peer-to-peer encrypted electronic cash system" described in Nakamoto's white paper, it solves the problem of current network congestion and high transaction fees encountered by Bitcoin, and removes the isolation verification (SegWit) and cancels it. Block size 1M limit, up to 8M block size, adhere to the chain expansion route. Although Bitcoin cash has developed well in just 50 days of its birth, many supporters are more concerned about how BCC will develop in the future. "If we want to scale up, we have to make a hard fork from time to time. In the long run, we may want to use extension points to add new features, but we have not achieved this goal - there will be more in the future The extension point." And he also mentioned a new Merkle tree format, and through UTXO promise to improve the security of the light client. Other developers also hope to improve the reliability of BCC networks through non-consensus reforms. It can be seen that there will be a hard fork plan in the future development of BCC, which will make BCC better in the constant fork. Just like Ethereum, it is constantly splitting. Although Bitcoin cash was controversial at the beginning of its birth, it has now been born safely and has grown stronger over time. At present, the trading platforms, wallet providers and merchants that support Bitcoin cash are constantly increasing, which also strengthens users' confidence in Bitcoin cash. However, bitcoin cash needs a long way to go against the already developed bitcoin.
September 10
BCC payment - faster speed, lower cost
Last month, Your Network CEO Ryan X. Charles announced that their platform was converting payment methods from Litecoin to Bitcoin cash. Now they have a fully functional beta to implement bitcoin cash payments. Therefore, their platform is more reliable, smoother and more concise. Bitcoin cash improves Your Network, making payments more reliable With the improvement of Bitcoin cash functionality, online trading will run smoother and with fewer errors. According to Charles, "Now, because we have completed the edge of the payment channel, payment is now more reliable." He continued, "The big difference between last month and the present is that the application is actually better." Users should be able to manage their activities on the platform more thoroughly. Micropayments provided by Bitcoin cash also allow for lower fees. The article explains how Bitcoin cash has improved the Yours platform. Written: "Bitcoin cash is the same as Bitcoin, but at a lower cost. With Bitcoin cash appearing on August 1st, the charge is less than 1 cent, which has been converted from a payment channel to an online transaction. This reduces The complexity of our software has increased our development speed by a factor of 10. "New features As Charles and his co-founder Clemens Ley unloaded the payment method, they quickly began to improve the network. They have added 5 features in the past two days. These features include: 1. A voting mode where anyone can vote and earn rewards. However, earlier voters received more returns. This motivates people to vote - if they vote early, they can make money by voting. 2. Tip function. Anyone can access someone's profile and give a tip. 3. Now the home page is sorted by number of votes, so pay more attention. Good content will rise. 4. Now Yours Network charges 10 cents to post content. This has eliminated most of the spam on the platform. 5. Your Network displays the read time before and after the payment. This gives people more key information about whether they are willing to pay for the costs behind them. Charles commented on these features. He said: "We have more. Now we are working 10 times faster because we don't have to spend 90% of the time to pay."
August 1
Bit cash BCC available
Beijing time On August 1, 2017, some Bitcoin holders will find that there are more than 1:1 BCC (BitcoinCash) in their account.