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ETC-Ether Classic Introduction Details
2016.6 The DAO hottest project TheDAO was exploited by hackers to exploit the vulnerability of smart contracts and transferred $50 million worth of Ethereum. In order to recover the investor's assets, the Ethereum community finally voted. Most of the participants agreed to change the Ethereum code and hope to recover the funds. To this end, Ethereum hard-forked, making a backwards incompatible change, so that all Ethereum - including possessed by hackers - returned to the original place.

Since the hard fork is openly conducted through the blockchain, although there are opposing opinions, as more and more people support hard forks, on July 21, 2016, Ethereum hard forks success.

Currently, the “official” version of Ethereum, ETH, is maintained by its original developers; the Ether Classic ETC is maintained by a new team. This is the first time that the mainstream blockchain has changed its trading records by bifurcation in order to compensate investors. People who have held Ethereum before the fork will hold both ETH and ETC after the fork, and the existence of the Ethereum in the exchange or online wallet is no exception. The two markets derived from this fork have a total value of more than $1.2 billion.

At present, more and more Ethereum miners have invested a lot of power into this classic blockchain, and ETC trading volume has risen not only because of the conceptual conformity, but also because they have seen the protection of trading transactions and won related mining. The value of the mine reward. One or two days after the introduction of the etheric classics, the data was impressive. The hash rate of the network was 544 GH/s, accounting for 13% of the Ethereum network hash.

ETC-Ether Classic Event
November 14
The future trend of Ether Classic (ETC)
With the continuous maturity and improvement of blockchain technology, digital currency is increasingly recognized by people, and more and more people recognize and accept digital currency. Ethereum (ETH) and Tai Classic (ETC) are gradually coming into everyone's field of vision, then what are they? What are the advantages? Ethereum is an open source, public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality that provides a decentralized platform for processing contracts through its built-in native token Ethereum. Ethereum can be used to program, distribute, guarantee and trade anything. Ethereum is the only built-in native token of Ethereum to support the operation of smart contracts. Ethereum is considered a Bitcoin version 2.0, using a different blockchain technology from Bitcoin, Ethereum, where developers need to pay Ether (ETH) to support the operation of the application. Like other digital currencies, Ethereum can be traded on the trading platform. "We believe that the Ethereum classic will one day become the foundation of a globalized, secure, decentralized Internet of Things (LOT)." And if ETC can get 10% of IoT device data traffic by 2025, Then the price of each ETC will be close to $150. Speaking of ETC's investment opportunities, Beck writes: “First, ETC has a store property similar to precious metals and bitcoin, which makes it an inflation hedging tool for long-term investments. Second, as a number to run Ethereum's classic smart contracts. Token ETC, a scarce commodity, can power the globally developed Internet of Things.” Ethereum Classic ETC currently has many exciting projects being launched. I believe that the future Ethereum Classic will become a decentralized and untamed public infrastructure.
September 14
Ether Classic ETC September 11 DEV Update
Our project implemented a change to the ECIP-1017 monetary policy agreement in version 4.0.0. We spent a lot of time testing new monetary policies and even created a special tool that allows us and anyone else to simulate and check for new monetary policies (of course with a real Geth and Parity node). Is it working properly? Detailed information about this tool and the test process method will be explained in a later published article. If you use Geth, please upgrade! We are also researching other features and making improvements, including creating a machine logging system for log parser / + analysis (not yet released), such as Filebeat, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Note that we're still working to improve monitoring and logging, and once we've completed the format and tools, we'll have a version specifically for this feature. The latest stable version can be found on the Github release page, and detailed information can be found in the change log. Emerald Wallet The second beta version of Emerald Wallet v0.5.0-beta2 was released last week to improve and repair key information import or export, hardware support and user interface (UI). Several new recommendations have been added to ECIPs, including: Designing an Anonymous Account Mode Difficulty Bomb Diffusion Alternative Plan to Simplify HTTP Responsive Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) Media Types About Total Difficulty on Using Uncles to Implement Ghost Protocol Changes Option to increase address and transaction readability around the side chain discussion project outline
July 19
ETC adds another good news, BW mine pool is online recently
ETC has added good news. BW Mine Pool has been online since June. Ether Classic ETC (hereinafter referred to as ETC) has successively landed on major encrypted digital currency exchanges. Recently, it has added good news. BW Mine Pool officially announced the upcoming ETC mining business through the official website. . There is no upper limit on the circulation of ETH. It is in the continuous issuance stage. In February this year, the Ethereum Alliance (EEA) was established by more than 30 of the world's top financial institutions and technology giants such as JP Morgan Chase, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft and Intel. Committed to pushing Ethereum into a wider range of commercial applications. After the fork, ETC broke away from the track designed by founder Vitalik Buterin, and avoided the cross-impact with ETH by updating the code. In March of this year, it began to implement a fixed-supply monetary policy similar to Bitcoin, yielding 5 million blocks. Reduce by 20%, and the final total will not exceed 210 million. With the adjustment of monetary policy, ETC's digital currency attributes are more prominent. ETC is receiving increasing popularity and recognition The rapid development of ETH has not affected the market's welcome and recognition of ETC. ETH and ETC users have driven their continued development based on their respective choices. ETC is recognized for many reasons. In addition to adhering to the original characteristics of the blockchain, ETC follows the basic principles of the decentralized open source community, and the degree of freedom of application development is higher. More and more users are seeing the value of protecting transaction security and winning relevant mining awards, and are actively participating in the development of ETC, making it an indispensable part of the encrypted digital currency market. ETC is welcoming new opportunities. Recently, ETC has not lost its heat. Since ETC landed on BTCC DAX, the exchange of BTCC in June, on July 12th, 13th and 17th, Firecoin, Bit Times and OKCoin announced the launch of ETC business. ETC frequently screened, and became a new favorite in the trading market. With the further enhancement of awareness and liquidity, ETC's growth space has been re-examined by the encrypted digital currency market. As one of the earliest trading platforms in China, CHBTC launched its ETC transaction in August last year. A flower blossom, Baihuachun, ETC is welcoming a new opportunity period, the BW mine pool opens the ETC mining interface, and launches a free one-week excavation after the launch of the line (the miners should pay attention), for ETC It is undoubtedly another major positive news.
June 16
Ethereum Classic (ETC) becomes the first encryption study of Bloomberg Terminal
Barry Silbert, founder of the Ethereum Classic Fund, managed by Grayscale Investments, oversees the asset paper on the platform. This event marked a number of innovations in Silbert's further advancement of the Ethereum's classic special initiative. Last week, eToro, a London-based trading platform, announced that it has begun offering such services in a tradable manner. Earlier, China's main cryptocurrency bitcoin exchange also took similar steps. However, despite the optimistic community response, it is widely believed that Bloomberg may not be the best time to study the Ethereum classics because it is catching up with the bitcoin price plunging or dragging the entire bitcoin. price. As of press time, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) has now fallen to $2,100, and the Ethereum Classic (ETC) lost 15.5% in 24 hours. However, its loss is not as high as its sister Ethereum (ETH), its loss is close to 20%, only slightly higher than 300 US dollars
March 2
The Ethereum Classic Community Program sets an upper limit on the amount of tokens issued to no more than 230 million ETCs.
In a new blog post released today, contractors in the web development, infrastructure, and investment ecosystems support plans to upgrade the network in the coming months. The signatory includes the start-up IOHK, the digital currency group and the major mining pools including F2Pool, led by former Ethereum CEO Charles Hoskinson. The "Monetary Policy" program has implemented a limit and hopes to release the software client this summer. The blog post explains: "The new monetary policy sets the limit for the total circulation (classic Ethereum ETC). In the first 5 million blocks, the block reward will be reduced by 20%, and the next 500,000 blocks will be reduced by 20%. Block rewards. Uncle block rewards will also be reduced. Due to changes in ETF's ETC returns, I expect total supply to be around 210 million ETCs, no more than 230 million ETCs." Activation upgrades may begin this fall, if the network Supporters have adopted an upgrade network, and the block reward reduction policy will begin in December. If passed, this will mark a milestone in the development of the project, which originated from the fork of the Ethereum community last year.
November 1st
Ethereum hardly splits the two chains at the height of the 920000 block, called ETHchain and ETHClassicchain, respectively, and the tokens are called ETH and ETC.