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ZEC-large zero coin profile details
Zcash is the first blockchain system that uses a zero-knowledge proof mechanism that provides full payment confidentiality while still maintaining a decentralized network using a public blockchain. Like Bitcoin, the total amount of Zcash tokens (ZEC) is also 21 million, except that Zcash transactions automatically hide the senders, receivers, and amounts of all transactions on the blockchain. Only those who have the view key can see the contents of the transaction. Users have full control and they have the option to provide others with a view key.

ZCash is a branch of bitcoin that retains the original bitcoin pattern and is modified based on Bitcoin version 0.11.2 code. ZCash wallet funds are divided into two types: transparent funds, private funds, and transparent funds similar to bitcoin funds; private funds strengthen privacy, and transactions involving private funds are confidential and unrecognizable. Transaction of transparent funds and transparent funds is publicly available. of.
ZEC-large zero coin event
August 21
Zero Coin ZEC Latest News
On August 21, 2017, the Zcash blog published a preliminary user experience survey report for the Zcash ecosystem, as follows: Zcash hired a user experience expert, Linda, to study the Zcash ecosystem. Linda is committed to simplifying UX research with software, but she did not use the encrypted wallet experience before this project, and she published three experience reports after the experience. First: Linda uses the first time to purchase a car charger online using Zcash. Second: An assessment of the usability of interactions between Jaxx (the world's first multi-platform compatible light wallet) and Cryptonator (digital currency exchange calculation tool). The third: summarizes the challenge of encryption memory in the general user community. This user experience assessment report tells why people don't see the benefits of using encryption, why they are difficult to use, why use encryption to know the mechanism of encryption - and what we can do.
May 24th
Zcash (ZEC) - privacy technology built on blockchain
In ZEC, the wallet funds are divided into two kinds of private funds and transparent funds. The transparent funds are similar to the bitcoin funds; the private funds strengthen the confidentiality, and the private funds transactions in the wallet funds in ZEC have strong confidentiality, while the transactions in transparent funds It is publicly available. What is the technology behind Zcash? Zcash is pioneering the use of zero-knowledge proofs to apply cutting-edge encryption technology to blocking technology. The zero-knowledge proof architecture is called zk-SNARK, which allows the network to maintain a secure account balance book without publicly trading participants or transaction amounts. The metadata for Zcash transactions is encrypted, rather than publicly showing the transaction participants and transaction amounts, and zk-SNARK is used to prove that no one is cheating or stealing.
April 18
Zcash in Brazil and South Africa
SmartWallet has 3,000 users in Brazil and will expand to South Africa on May 4, with plans to launch more regions later this year. We are very excited about the development of the Zcash ecosystem because it can make fast, secure payments anywhere in the world. We welcome SmartWallet users to the Zcash community!
March 17
Zcash announces the formation of a foundation
The Zcash Foundation is funded by the blockchain itself. Part of the Zcash founder award has been donated to the Foundation. These coins will be distributed incrementally over the next three years and one year until November 2021. The total amount donated is 273,000 coins. At today's price ($49/ZEC), the value is over $13 million!