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DASH-Dash event

September 20
The four obstacles that Dash DASH must cross
Since the advent of Bitcoin, the development of encrypted digital currency has far surpassed that of Nakamoto's original idea - to create a decentralized P2P digital currency system. Taking the emergence of Ethereum as an example, we have witnessed the application of blockchain technology in all walks of life, regardless of whether these application examples are sensible. Whenever blockchain technology is involved in a new industry, it faces the technical, legal or cultural challenges that the industry brings. It is true that Dash is concentrating on the original idea of Nakamoto's original idea – as outlined in the Bitcoin White Paper, becoming a “digital currency”. Bitcoin has clearly given up on this goal, and Bitcoin Cash has only come out soon. In other words, Dash, which has instant delivery and anonymous delivery, is most likely to dominate the field of encrypted digital in the future. However, this does not mean that Dash is in front of a smooth road. The following are the four obstacles that Dash needs to overcome: 1) expansion 2) smooth network upgrades 3) price fluctuations 4) tax issues
August 21
Arizona State University and Dash Bank Establish Blockchain Lab
Students at Arizona State University (ASU) will soon have access to the blockchain experience, one of the most popular technologies in the world today, and is widely used in digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Dash. On August 17, Dash announced that it will work with ASU Engineering College to establish a “blockchain research laboratory” to study blockchain technology and educate students about its possibilities. The press release writes that preliminary research will focus on blockchain scalability, best practices, network architecture, environmentally friendly mining, latency and throughput. Work will begin this month, and with the development of this partnership, Dash core executives may also teach students at school. Blockchain technology is software that relies on multiple computers to create tamper-proof transaction books. The most well-known application is to support Bitcoin operations. But it has also generated great interest in major industries such as shipping and finance, which believe that their record systems can create a safer and more efficient supply chain. Like other digital currencies, Dash is both a digital currency and a specific type of blockchain. Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash, said in an interview with Fortune magazine that he believes that Dash is better than Bitcoin because it is designed for faster trading and it is built around voting incentives. Encourage good management. Dash began in 2014 as a digital currency with a focus on privacy protection, formerly known as Dark Coin. It is much smaller than Bitcoin, worth about $1.5 billion, and the value of Bitcoin has exceeded $50 billion. The blockchain lab will be built on the ASU campus, and Dragan Boscovic, technical director of the CASCADE research lab at the university, points out that the lab is working with Dash, in part because it has many practical uses.
January 2
Dash Announces Five Development Strategies for 2016
In the new year, Dash has released five major strategies for future development to community members. Each of these five goals is critical to the long-term development of Dash, and plays a role in the future development of Dash. Dash is an open source project that provides users with secure, decentralized financial solutions. The goal of the Dash project team is to establish and maintain a novel distributed payment network that serves as the cornerstone of the ecosystem for active consumers, merchants and service providers. Combined with the network, Dash can provide users with privacy, high speed and easy exchange features, while supporting online transactions, as well as daily use (such as ATM, and credit card). Through project funding, project management, and the support of a large number of team volunteers, Dash has the ability to make significant progress in 2016. The five strategies are: developing software that leads the virtual currency, combining all the cash and the characteristics of the digital currency to design and implement the market plan, making Dash the effective solution to solve the virtual currency circle problem, further expanding the network and integrating the determined market objectives. And seek new financial industry partners to maximize our influence through open and honest communication, strive to be transparent, provide methods for querying information and data, and establish an efficient project organization to support the Dash project team, users and community
March 24
Dark coin officially changed its name to Dash
Darkcoin has been officially renamed to DASH-Digital Cash. Diamocoin has always been committed to creating a fast-paying platform that is untrustworthy, decentralized, and privacy-protected to meet the needs of its customers. We are excited about the results we have achieved in the pursuit of this goal. We have implemented instant payment capabilities and optimized our anonymity technology while developing our master node network to be more robust and a truly distributed platform. We are building a perfect solution to make virtual currency easier to adopt in real life. This is also our belief that this new name will represent all aspects of ours and will be more acceptable to end users. We are just renaming, and there has been no change in technology. The currency, the blockchain, and the development team are still the same as before. Users don't need to do anything, and the new brand name will change after the next wallet update. We have customized the new Logo logo (third party) and decided on the final result after a few weeks of voting by members of the Dark Money Foundation. We have notified trading platforms, payment agencies, and other service providers so that they can prepare in advance. Our philosophy will not change, no matter what the name is, we will continue to pursue our goals, now and in the future. About the Chinese name of DASH: The dark coin team has recently negotiated with the professional translation team and members of the Chinese section to finalize the DASH Chinese name: Dash / Dash. Means: access to the currency of the world.
November 30
Dash was founded in 2013 by Evan Duffield and was originally named "Dark Coin". In March 2015, it was renamed Dash. It is based on Bitcoin, a unique two-tier network that enables it to be tested and updated more comprehensively. Its original decentralized web server "master node" confuses transactions and achieves anonymity.